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Full Version: PPSSPP crashing before start
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It's really weird,I mean sometimes I don't even have the chance to load the cube demo.The program just closes itself.Is it because I'm using windows 8?
It would be normal if it were only by that but I remember that this also happened on windows 7.Any ideas?btw I have an Intek GMA 945g

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does it happends after a specific version?
I never ever get PPSSPP to start Sad
just delete the ppsspp ini file or just delete the line with Recent =
to nash67,I've deleted the ini file but it's the same.Kinda weird,windows just says that the program stopped working and then it closes.Right now I tried the latest one,the v0.7-612-g21fcf7b.Does it happen to anyone else besides me and Gamer X3?
i cant open ppsspp, before it start, windows says "ppsspp stopped working"
The problem is that you have an integrated graphic card,you'll need a better one to make ppsspp even stay open
The problem is not really the Integrated Graphics Card per se, but the lack of OpenGL 2.0 support from the card. For people who can not start PPSSPP at all without crashing, will have to wait for a DirectX backend. If you have an Intel Integrated Graphics Card, check this link: http://forums.ppsspp.org/showthread.php?tid=5838
As suspected,my graphic card is on the list of the ones that don't work so I can't make it even stay open.I only saw 1 person saying about the direct x version but nothing more.I'll try to search more.
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