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Full Version: Bug save JPCSP
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Hi guys,

I'm french, and I broke my PSP, so I discovered JPCSP to play mainly on FF7 and Castlevania DXC. Thx for this great work.

I wish to tell you a bug with castlevania : I can't load my savegames.

But when I use a japanese savegame, the game freezes when I click on "Start", and it switches on Pause. If I check the boxes "ignore memory errors" and the second, it continues (if the boxes are ticked before, it desn't work).
I can see the savegames of DXC, but every strings are corrupted.
And more important : every savegames for Symphony of the Night and Blood Rondo are removed Sad .

But if I try to load an european savegame, or mine, it freezes definitly.

Analyzing the hexa structure, it seems that the savegame format of JPCSP is only for japanese savegame files, even in the US or euro zone.

Please, can you fix that ? Savegames seem to be one of the most important point for me Blush

PS : If you wish somebody to quickly and perfectly translate the soft in french, I can do it for you.