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Full Version: JPCSP sounds causing lag spikes
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Hello fellas im new here and also user with jpcsp. So i played a few games (yu-gi-oh! tag force 2,3,5 and dbz shin budokai 2) and a problem is when are some action going on with sounds big text or something like that im getting lag spikes like for 1-2 sec i after playing like 1hour i was getting same lags and nothing better happens, so i tried many video options to change,watched a lot of videos in youtube but didnt found any of kinda problem like this, and today i tried to disable these options in media menu "Use media engine" , "decode audio files with sonicstage" and tried to play without sound,then these mentioned games worked with no lag spikes,but you know how boring to play without sound. So my Question is. Does anyone did had this problem and somehow fixed it, i would really appreciate your help. Thank You.

P.S. using latest emulator version
PC specs: 2GB ram,GTX 650Ti,AMD Athlon X2 2.7ghz Win7 32bit
FPS getting 30/60 but have lag spikes.
the lag spike is because emulator has to extract the sound file, then sonicstage has to convert it to wav and emulator has to play the converted file again.

once native at3+ support is introduced into the emulator this shouldn't be happening anymore, but for now nothing can be done. wait until hykem starts implementing his findings i guess.
After the wavs are created, there should be no lags when you hear the music or sounds again, unless you deleted the tmp folder, I got no lag in games where I had the wavs already