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Full Version: Some noob question
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I've just downloaded JPCSP v.05 rev1624. I try to run JPCSP and run the PSPTris but i only get around 12 FPS is this normal?

my hardware spec is
Pentium DualCore 5300 @2.6GHz
ATI Radeon HD 4670
Windows XP SP2

From the Run menu, there is Load UMD menu item. How to create a "UMD images" file? These files is inside the umdimages in iso or cso format. What if i have the .rar file?

Is crisis core ulus10336 unencrypted by default? Is it playable in JPCSP v.05 rev1624?

Thank you.
try a new emulator version, go to http://buildbot.orphis.net/jpcsp/index.php

Is the JCPSP compatible with a laptop, specifically with Intel GMA? Coz when playing the game I only get 8-12 FPS, sometimes it lags (5-7 FPS). When its an FMV I get 26-30 FPS, which is normal.

JCPSP 0.5 r1738 user here

Hardware specs:
Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2390 1.86GHz
Intel GMA 965 (358MB)
Windows 7 Professional

Always use the latest version of the emu.
And the intel cards are not great at gaming or graphics for that matter, but make sure you have latest drivers. and of course bigger better gfx cards will give better results. i dont know what the impact of an intel gfx card would be.
Does JPCSP have a "Real Time Clock" system?
I mean, will the runnig game "know" BIOS time?