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Full Version: newbie wanna instal JPCSP what should i do
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i am newbie here...
i wanna instal jpcsp...
need help...
this is my specification of my computer

Intel ® Core™i7 CPU 960 @ 3.2 GHz 3.2 GHz

if i have been instal java jdk and then instal sonic stage and also have been extract jpcsp,
then the problem are
1. sound can't hear
2. emulator to slow
3. can't play the game
what should i do now?? please anyone who can help me???
Go to Options - > Configuration , then in the "Media" tab check the option Decode audio files with sonicstage. Some games might still have sound missing though.

If your game doesn't run, it could be because of a bad disc image or because the game is not compatible.

If the game runs slow or has graphical issues, go to the Video tab in Configuration and play with the options, or use the forum's search to find more info about the game.
What game are you trying to run?
What's the game?