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Full Version: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows - NPUH10187
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v0.5-333-ge635be5 (64-bit)
what were your settings I can't get to the start menu I keep getting Media error in log
Press "Start" twice to skip the intro movies this should be the same for jpcsp or ppsspp, if using jpcsp the second movie should play.
ppsspp has messed up fonts and no voice so its currently better to be played on jpcsp.
what version of jpcsp are you using?

Since I use v0.6 2956:2957 and when I try to play this game after it asks you if you want to load your save data from the previous game and it shows some partners like XSEED, CRIWARE, etc. after that the screen just turns white then nothing happens after that.

I tried pressing start twice but nothing still happened.
Please help, im getting the same problem
I'm getting the same problem! Please help
I have the same problem. I hear the audio form the intro movie for a couple of seconds (my screen is still black), then it just stops and I can't do anything. Anybody knows how to solve this problem?