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Full Version: 2312.001 - Ys SEVEN - ULUS10551
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PPSSPP v0.5 40dbdb8d4e 11/01/2013

Playable until proven otherwise WinkTongue

Falcom movie plays, ends normal

Menu looking good

Dogi is everywhere Wink ...

... but Dogi is not always there, on some frames, especially when there is movement Dogi is not seen

This is the correct one. Please note, in the correct version he also moves a bit to the left.

Intro movie plays, and ends normally! (no wonder, unknownbrackets owns the game Wink )

Somehow I have the feeling the feeling the texture is not right, but I'm not 100% sure and I'm too lazy to look at the PSP now.

Otherwise looking OK ingame only the small map is missing ...
... but the big map (SELECT) is OK

It's not only Dogi, every character is displayed too early/at the wrong position

Correct one

System menu has display errors, the white thing indicates the selection

No small preview is generated during saving the savegame
It looks nice!
This game has annoying flickering due to a black frame every 2 secs or so, any fix?
can you give the confg?