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Full Version: Need help with error
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When I am playing Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 after some time, after duel or before duel, my screen just goes blank. Sometimes white sometimes black and I get this in cmd

Running Jpcsp 32bit...
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 46137356
at _S1_2_8839834.s(_S1_2_8839834.java:96)
at _S1_2_883AFD8.s(_S1_2_883AFD8.java:204)
at _S1_2_883AFD8.exec(_S1_2_883AFD8.java)
at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.execWithReturnAddress(RuntimeC
at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.runThread(RuntimeContext.java:
at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeThread.run(RuntimeThread.java:50)

Intel core i3 2370M @ 2.4GHz
Nvidia ge force g640m le 2gb
Win 7 ultimate 32 bit
I'm having the same problem
My PC:
AMD Athlon ll X2 270 3.40Ghz, 305 space on disk and 4 GB in RAM
Video Card Geforce 9800 GT

One detail is that in my game, the graphics are horrible in duels, except in the introduction that they are perfect, and I'm sure my video card is more than good to not allow that.
Another detail is that my game always crashes and stops working causing this error, and it always happens on my 3rd or 4th duel or in loading screens.

I want to know the problem, regarding Java, I'm sure it is 100% updated and i already downloaded some versions of 32-bit and 64-bit, my system is 64-bit.