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Full Version: nullDC 1.0.4 rev 5 released
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nullDC was a dreamcast emulator :

two years after the author drkIIRaziel has decided to make it open source and updating it to version
beta 1.0.4


edit : It just updated 1.0.4 r5 Download http://nulldc.googlecode.com/files/nulldc_104_r5.rar

Quote:--Added PuruPuru input plugin (support for SDL joysticks)
--Added structure and basic files for binaries
ohhh very nice. I always wanted to study that code Smile . Thanks a lot maximu Smile
Nice , thanks .
omg at lastttt we can play nulldc with joy support??? no keyboard mapping nonsense anymore?? thank god!!!

(I was really cranky for the lack of joy support on this dc emu ://)

awesome news!