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Full Version: FPS borking
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Right, got myself some new hardware the other day. Nothing particularly fancy given what's available now but is very capable of running most modern games on high graphics without too many hiccups.

Spec is as follows:
3.1 GHz quadcore
GeForce 460GTX OC

Running rev2324 x86 as x64 does not want to work for me.

Graphics drivers are updated to latest. Now, the odd part that I don't understand is pretty much driving me insane is that I get exactly the same FPS with the same JPCSP settings as I did with a 3.6 GHz dualcore and integrated graphics card. The real difference here is that the CPU was going nuts as it was forced to make up for the weak graphics whereas I usually hover around 40-50% with my quadcore.

Still, I assume that I should be able to easily get 40+ FPS in most games if I follow the recommended settings. Seeing people with far worse specs than I getting full speed in games I can't get above 20 with is also quite depressing. Copying their settings seem to make no difference whatsoever. I have also tried to edit the settings under the nVidia panel but I really can't see any direct difference. Another odd part is that it feels like I am running AA x16 and the reason why I suspect this is because I cannot notice any difference in graphics nor FPS if I diable or turn on AA both under the nVidia menu or JPCSP. Further, the graphics look like they've been in a blender and this is particularly noticable on the environment that doesn't look detailed but very smudged. Attached a picture to give you an idea of what I mean.

Also, not exactly 100% related but the shaders option are giving broken texture issues that do not appear with shaders turned off (the games look so much better with shaders though, broken textures aside).