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Full Version: control key of ppsspp of win verion
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What is control key of ppsspp of windows verion ?
One more question
2547.01 - Naruto Shippuden - Kizuna Drive (ULUS10571)
How to find 2547.01 and ULUS10571 in ppsspp ?

Hmm...a few controls, which i remember are:
arrows (up, left, right, down) - DPAD
Z, X, C - (maybe, but i could be wrong :p )cross, triangle, circle
V - select
Space - start

Use pspudb and psp-compatibility to find out. Wink

Controls mapping inside Windows\KeyboardDevice.cpp
static const unsigned short key_ctrl_map[] = {
    'V',      CTRL_SELECT,
    'A',      CTRL_SQUARE,
    'S',      CTRL_TRIANGLE,
    'X',      CTRL_CIRCLE,
    'Z',      CTRL_CROSS,
    'Q',      CTRL_LTRIGGER,
    'W',      CTRL_RTRIGGER,
    VK_UP,    CTRL_UP,
Thanks BlackDaemon