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Full Version: 1738.001 - Brandish - The Dark Revenant - ULJM05424
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PPSSPP v0.3 20/11/2012

You can "play" the tutorial if you skip the movie and select the menu blindly.
PPSSPP v0.31 27/11/2012 - cf135e5405

Getting better ...
v0.31 28/11/12 37f28ab4eb

Ares is shown in the correct size
PPSSPP v0.5 40dbdb8d4e 11/01/2013

I just describe all the problems and what works already from start:

The Falcom logo "plays" (not visible of course), ends normally

Menu is correct with no more text problems, it flickers when Hardware transform is on

Again, text is good ...
... however, the screen after that is omitted (some kind of loading screen) and it goes directly to the video:

The first main problem right now: The first video is "shown" and ends normally, but it seems the second video ends prematurely and it ends up in an endless sceIoPollAsync loop.

There are two ways to skip the problem:
1) Delete the code in the sceMpegCreate function except the "return 0" line
2) Load a savegame

About savegames:
Loading works now, saving works too but there is no small picture created ...
... as in the JPCSP / real PSP saves

Arrow in the map is present if Hardware transform is on but only if Ares is not moving, during motion the arrow is not visible!

The other main problem is, that all items are invisible after they are in the inventory, only the number is visible (there should be a small picture of a sword where the number "50" is)

Other than that, the game looks quite good:

Log 1 is running the game until it hangs at the movie
Log 2 is running the game and abort movies and still hangs
Log 3 is loading a savegame and running around a bit
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