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Ootake v2.39 (PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emu for Windows) has been released!
05-02-2010, 10:58 PM
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Ootake v2.39 (PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emu for Windows) has been released!
- "Write Memory" was added to "CPU" menu. While executing PCE(TG16)
software, the operation test can be done by rewriting the content of
memory(RAM,ROM) of PCE(TG16).
+ This "Write Memory" menu can be used to execute a so-called cheat
command. For instance, BGM can be appreciated without being obstructed
to the sound effect (attack sound and jump sound, etc.) by using the
time limitation release and the invincibility command etc. (Within the
range of the personal hobby)
+ On the other hand, a cheat command when using it by "Purpose to clear
the game easy" is not recommended. Because, it becomes a game balance
that the game production person doesn't intend, and the interest of the
game is surely lost. Moreover, it becomes impossible to talk about the
work with "person who enjoyed it by normal play". Therefore, I think
that playing only by normal-play(non-cheat-play) will be consequentially
happy (It can deeply enjoy playing the game).
+ "GAME OVER" should be welcome. Even if it cannot be cleared, the game is
happy. I think that it is a most wonderful point of games (especially,
in the retro games). Personally, if you can use this menu in the purpose
of the research and development, I am glad.
+ The input method of command is
"<address 6 digits[Hex]>:<value1-255[Dec]>".
Add "+"(positive sign) at the end of the command if you want to keep
writing the value (Invincibility command etc.).
Add "0x" before the value if you want to input the value by the
hexadecimal number.
- The tone quality of the sampling sound (ADPCM and Wave Memory Sound) has
been improved. Moreover, the entire volume balance has been readjusted. I
think that the entire tone quality improved considerably, too.
- The distance detection processing of the "PC Engine Mouse" has been
improved. In "Hatsukoi Monogatari", the movement of the mouse cursor
became smooth.
- The speed and timing were brought close to the movement of a real machine.
In the start demo of "Metal Angel", the blinking problem of the screen was
solved. In "Toilet Kids", the problem that the borderline of the status
display has fallen into disorder was solved.
- In "Splatter House" and "Shubibinman 2 (Shock Man)", when the TurboButton(
AutoFire) speed setting is High, the problem that the AutoFire doesn't
function was solved.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected

You can d/l it from here :
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