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Linux and Sound
Greetings. This is my first post for this forum.

I am primarily an Ubuntu Linux user (12.10) who also can dual-boot with Windows 7. Both are 32bit. CPU is i3 2100, GPU is Nvidia GeForce 520. Here is my question/issue. It is not about speed, in fact, both Linux and Windows are fine at 60fps for speed. Screen loads fine, graphics are great!

Anyways, I am trying to play Final Fantasy 1 Anniversary. I can get sound just fine via Media Engine/Sonic Stage in Windows, but in Linux all I get is sound effects from the menus, but no game music. This is regardless of whether I check the Media Engine box or not. I am aware that no Sonic Stage is available natively for Linux (doesn't even work in Wine), and even with Ubuntu's many codecs and JSymphonic installed I get nothing from it. I am glad I have Windows available but I do prefer strongly to use my Linux when at all possible. Am I missing something on Linux?
The only thing you need from SonicStage is the codec that allow JPCSP decode the sound files; i guess it wont work on Linux since is build for Windows.
[Image: montcer.png]
Sonic Stage is required for sound to work for some audio types,
though if you have windows and you have played most of the gamethen most of the audio is decoded under the jpcsp/tmp/<gameID> folder just copy that over to linux and it should be able to play it back without sonic stage.
This suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks!

Edit: Spoke to soon. There are 2 separate sub-folders in the tmp/<game> folder. One is for Atrac and the other is for mpeg. The only music I get is from mpeg, nothing from Atrac strangely, even though it is decoded and ported over from my Windows to my Linux. Essentially all I get is the intro music (from mpeg folder), nothing more. But...thanks for the help anyway.
That's because Atrac files can't be decoded by SonicStage; you need follow this procedure:

Look on latest post since newest releases are post there and so on use instructions.
[Image: montcer.png]
Is there any intention of implementing something like FFMPeg for multi-platform decoding in future? It would remove the need to install third party software and it would also work across Win/Lin/Mac rather than just Windows (kinda defeats the benefit of using Java for cross compatibility when core features are Windows only...).
Jpcsp already uses FFMpeg (xuggle) for a lot of the audio (all platforms), there is just no open source or free codec for the Atrac 3 + (plus) format, and most psp games use that audio type for voice, movies, and sometimes BGM so in that respect ffmpeg is not going to help even though it has a very good codec selection, it's still missing that Smile.

Ah my mistake, I thought it was Atrac3, not Atrac3+. Well that's a shame.

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