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Info with jpcsp
09-14-2011, 10:06 PM
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psp Info with jpcsp
Hi, im new to this forum and just want some info: I have a pc with:
Intel i5 2.27 ghz
3 gb ram
Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon 5450 with 1gb video
windows 7 64 bits(but im playing with jpcsp for windows 32, they say it play better the games)

im trying to load my kingdom hearts birth by sleep and final fantasy crisis core on jpcsp, i have succeeded in emulating both, but, in kingdom hearts the fps ingame is around 4~5 and in the high resolution movies is around 25~30, the movies runs smoothly, but the game isnt playable with this fps.
In crisis core, the fps in game is 14~16 and in the menu and high res movies is above 50, so i wanna know if i need a better pc to play, or if my configurations of jpcsp is wrong, or if there is something i need to do to increase the speed of the games.

ps. im playing with r2303 for win 32 bits

thks guys!
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09-15-2011, 05:35 AM
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RE: Info with jpcsp
Hello diogonb, please, first and foremost I must insist that you read and post such questions in the games' respective threads (for future purposes). Secondly, JPCSP, like PCSX2 is very dependent on one's graphics card, the better it is, the smoother (higher FPS) one is allowed to emulate these games at.

Now, I haven't tried playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, so I can't give you 'helpful' settings for people like us with low end graphic cards. On the other hand, I have played Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core at decent enough speed to beat the whole game. If you would check the post that I made on the last page in regards to another member, those are the settings at which I run the game at to get reasonable FPS. Know that these settings may not (and more than likely won't) boost your gameplay to 30+ FPS, you'll be hopeful if you can get an average 25FPS (which is about what mines run at but it fluctuates so it's really hard to give a definitive answer). If you're not satisified playing Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core with these settings, then your next viable option would be to get a higher end graphics card.

(09-10-2011 05:36 AM)Crase Wrote:  Try these Settings to see if they boost your FPS:
[x] Enable saving GE screen to Textures instead of Memory

[x] Ignore invalid memory access

[x] Use Media Engine
[x] Decode audio files with SonicStage

[x] Use compiler
[50] Maximum method size

Everything else default/off.
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09-15-2011, 05:17 PM
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RE: Info with jpcsp
thks for you quick answer crase, i'll do what you told and ask in the threads of these games, and you have answered what i feared, maybe is my graphics card, i'll try these configurations and see what happens, if the game runs in 25 fps, i'll be more than happy Smile
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