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WinUAE v2.5.0 Beta 13 Released
08-26-2012, 08:46 PM
Post: #1
WinUAE v2.5.0 Beta 13 Released
Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator

Quote: - Parallel port audio sampler had very bad quality on some systems. NOTE: Sampler requires exact DirectSound recording position reporting = not that good results when using some onboard Realteks etc.. (It can be made better but because this is really pointless feature: pay or buy a better PC)
- Very old statefiles triggered keyboard powerup initialization sequence when restored, caused phantom keypresses.
- Sinc audio interpolation filter clipping fixed. (Was always wrong in UAE, was much more noticeable after b11 audio update)
- Input configuration parser didn't parse custom input event strings correctly if it contained '.' or ',' characters.
- Added experimental (and mostly useless) option that removes DOS reserved name restriction (CON is the most popular because it is also included with WB disks). Note that this causes some interesting side effects: most Windows programs, including Explorer, won't be able to open any file if it has DOS reserved name... You don't need this option, UAE has always mangled illegal names transparently (for example CON becomes something like "__uae__con" on host side) Configuration file only: win32.filesystem_mangle_reserved_names=false (defaults to true if not set)
- Disable screensaver option didn't work, SetThreadExecutionState() needs to be called periodically, not just once, function documentation is a bit confusing..
- When deciding first visible line and programmed mode: select which is largest, VBSTOP or VSSTOP. (SuperPlus)
- Added Keep autoscale aspect ratio checkbox, only sort of working now...
- Map rom region size mirrors ROM size, address automatically moved to 0xe00000 (512k) or 0xa80000 (1M) if 24-bit CPU.
- Remove interlace artifacts option halved size of display horizontally in some programmed screen modes.
- Portaudio sound and sound was deactivated automatically: sound led kept showing buffer underrun state.
- Disable screen updates if monitor enters power saving mode.
- When restoring state file with floppy image(s) missing (files moved etc..), there still was rare possibility that floppy drive was reported as empty.
- Some more manual BPLxDAT emulation updates, Sequential Magnet part garbage introduced in previous update is gone.
- Color registers were emulated as non-existing instead of write-only in OCS/ECS modes. (I guess only visible difference will be more colorful display if program crashes or does weird things and starts reading from color registers..)
- DENISEID is now non-existing if 68000 prefetch or cycle-exact and OCS Denise. (Programs may misdetect if no prefetch emulated, and now programs, if they even exist, that misdetect it on real OCS A500 will misdetect it on emulation too! )
- Renamed Paths panel "WinUAE defaults"-paths, meaning of selection should make more sense now.
- Better input qualifier GUI, Windows key default qualifier added.
- Slot #5-#8 custom events didn't work correctly.

And finally:

- GUI resize and font selection support added (misc panel). It was possible after all, needed only some hacking..
- * Default size is now larger then previously.
- * This is a hack, rebuilds classic Windows dialog resources on the fly while adjusting GUI element coordinates and size.
- * GUI size after resizing may not be exactly what you expected.
- * Windows always closes and reopens after resize. It is also normal, can be improved, later if ever..
- * Window/Fullwindow/Fullscreen have separate position, size and font settings.
- * Less than 80% size not officially supported, overlapping and clipping is normal. Select smaller font.
- * Possible future improvements: more preset sizes, some kind of autofit in smaller fullscreen modes.
- * I hope GUI now appears to be more modern than it actually is

- Version bumped to 2.5.0.

[Image: 1913820.png]
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