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A source building issue
07-07-2012, 01:51 AM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2012 02:13 AM by jfmherokiller.)
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Bug A source building issue
When trying to build this I noticed you were missing a few things. I posted an issue on the svn before I found this forum.
so Ill just provide a link to the issue with my fixes attached.
Also when building from source and trying to run any of the example elf files i get
wxWidgets Debug Alert
..\..\src\msw\glcanvas.cpp(565): assert "GetParent()->IsShown()" failed in wxGLCanvas::SetCurrent(): can't make hidden GL canvas current

Call stack:
[00] wxGUIAppTraitsBase::ShowAssertDialog        c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\appcmn.cpp:635
[01] ShowAssertDialog                            c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\appbase.cpp:836
[02] wxAppConsole::OnAssertFailure               c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\appbase.cpp:445
[03] wxOnAssert                                  c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\appbase.cpp:713
[04] wxGLCanvas::SetCurrent                      c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\msw\glcanvas.cpp:565
[05] GLGSFrame::GLGSFrame                        c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\rpcs3\emu\gs\gl\glgsrender.cpp:47
[06] GLGSRender::GLGSRender                      c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\rpcs3\emu\gs\gl\glgsrender.cpp:98
[07] GSManager::Init                             c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\rpcs3\emu\gs\gsmanager.cpp:22
[08] Emulator::Run                               c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\rpcs3\emu\system.cpp:132
[09] MainFrame::BootElf                          c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\rpcs3\gui\mainframe.cpp:176
[10] wxAppConsole::HandleEvent                   c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\appbase.cpp:323
[11] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEventIfMatches         c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\event.cpp:1241
[12] wxEvtHandler::SearchDynamicEventTable       c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\event.cpp:1421
[13] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEvent                  c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\event.cpp:1297
[14] wxFrameBase::ProcessCommand                 c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\common\framecmn.cpp:224
[15] wxFrame::HandleCommand                      c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\msw\frame.cpp:974
[16] wxFrame::MSWWindowProc                      c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\msw\frame.cpp:1056
[17] wxWndProc                                   c:\users\<username>\downloads\emulators\ps3\code\wxwidgets\src\msw\window.cpp:2618
[18] gapfnScSendMessage                      
[19] GetThreadDesktop                        
[20] CharPrevW                              
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