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(outdated+broken) At32aa3plugin.jar - mono at3+ decoding
11-21-2012, 07:59 PM (This post was last modified: 11-22-2012 12:31 PM by KaOSoFt.)
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RE: at32aa3plugin.jar - mono at3+ decoding
(11-07-2012 04:32 AM)papaya Wrote:  Guys, I am assuming to get the voice to work all 3 software JPCSP, Attract-mono & Soundforge runs concurrently while the game is running?

So from A-Z is open
2.Enable Extract media to tmp
3.Run the game Attract-mono, select the jpcsp tmp folder with the game ID & select ATTRACT, select soundforge exe path, select launch soundforge, select start & the JPCSP should continue the game with voice?

Can correct me if i'm wrong as i have yet seen a comprehensive guide.
To me it worked EXACTLY like described in a previous post in this same thread.

I’ll just post them again in my own words just in case, but you have to do it EXACTLY as it is said. Don’t assume anything:
1. Download the latest version of the plugin (to this date, 21/11/2012) found in this link:
2. Extract it inside your JPCSP folder.
3. Open JPCSP.
4. Check in Configuration -> Media, make sure you ONLY have Use Media Engine and Decode audio files with SonicStage selected. Accept changes.
5. Load your game’s UMD.
6. Play it for some minutes, up to a point where you’re missing sounds.
7. Exit JPCSP completely.
8. Check tmp folder inside JPCSP directory.
9. Locate a folder named as your game’s ID, for example ULJ00445.
10. Verify there is an Atrac folder inside of it. If there isn’t one, follow no further these instructions. This package won’t solve your problem.
11. Open JPCSP again.
12. Do NOT load any UMD yet. Leave JPCSP windows open for a moment. Do NOT close it.
13. Execute the mono_ATRAC3PLUS_Autoplay_assistant_tool application.
14. In the folder structure displayed, locate the Atrac folder you verified before in step #10.
15. Select that folder.
16. Click on Launch Sony Sound Forge.
17. Locate the Sound Forge executable, called Forge100.exe if it is the latest version.
18. Now click Start.
19. Minimize the assistant’s window.
20. Go back to JPCSP.
21. Load your game’s UMD.
22. Click on Run.
23. Enjoy!
24. And yes, by the end, you will have Sound Forge, the assistant tool, and JPCSP running simultaneously.

After installing this package, following those steps to the letter, I finally get voices in Super Robot Wars OG Saga Masoukishin – The Lord of Elemental.

Now, some questions for a senior user or developer, but some background first: Even though I finally get something like
hle.sceAtrac3plus - hleAtracSetData
(which I never got before), indicating this plugin is doing its job, I still keep getting messages like
Mono AT3+ data could not be decoded by the external decoder.
AT3+ data could not be decoded by the external decoder.
According to the README, this is a limitation of SonicStage.

My questions really are:
- Is this plugin supposed to fix precisely those errors, or something else?
- Is there a product that solves this, even if it is not free?
- What those errors mean is that I am missing background tunes?

Thanks in advance for your support, and keep it up!

PS: A Moderator should stick this thread, and edit the first post to include a link to the latest version of the assistant, and also with instructions. No offense intended, but sometimes it’s frustrating to go after 16 pages of (sometimes) half-English and not understand anything. Assuming we really did go through all those pages. I don’t think so.

EDIT: You NEVER need Extract media files to tmp folder in Configuration -> Media, so I edited the post.
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