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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 - ULUS10555
the problem is that i have a radeonHD graphic card . if i do like you mentioned it goes only 15 fps .. doing other video options fixes the problem though .. but after playing a few duels it either : my radeonHD stop working and recover after that but it crashs the emulator, or getting OutOfMemory error Sad

mine more than 15 fps it goes 28 fps but when i duel 3 times or more it starts to slow down that's my only prob

for slow down problem,
try to re edit "start-windows-x86"
XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=128m

how to re edit can you explain please

use notepad, right click on "start-windows-x86" then select edit.

when i play yugioh tag force 5 then the font is break...why with the font??

[Image: 29327602.png]

Just copy your psp original fonts to the fonts folder in jpcsp
Am I the only one with this cool sig?
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(08-16-2012, 04:16 AM)aryputra Wrote: when i play yugioh tag force 5 then the font is break...why with the font??

[Image: 29327602.png]

On Video Setting, tick Use Vertex Cache then reload if you want. Hope it'll help

Hi guys, i'm new here...
I tried to play tag force 5 with a lot of builds of jpcsp (2612 - 2537 - the last one, all of them on both x86 and x64 version).

The problem here is that it's fully playable on duels... But everytime i talk with someone and do some of the "minigame" to earn hearts, it freeze on the 2 or 3 try...
Why is this happenings only to me? (i didn't find any similar problem on google)
The game is supposed to be FULLY playable right, so what am i doing wrong?
I tried the settings previously wrote, but it doesn't change anything (by the way, it works also without those settings when i tried).
Can someone help me out?
P.S: I don't know if it's linked to this problem, but when i do the "guess the card" minigame, i can't see the card displayed... I only see a grey screen... But it's not that important if i can still earn hearts with the other 2 minigames...


Anyone encountered my same problem and managed to fix it?
Or am i the only one? any suggestion? Sad

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