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Fullscreen Problem(Cannot use fullscreen option)
04-26-2011, 03:29 AM (This post was last modified: 04-26-2011 03:39 AM by vingadorjr.)
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RE: Fullscreen Problem(Cannot use fullscreen option)
(04-26-2011 02:51 AM)legend80 Wrote:  
(04-25-2011 07:28 PM)Hykem Wrote:  I just commited r2100, which brings a couple of more additional long wanted changes.
First, the resolution menu is gone (it wasn't doing anything properly anyway). Anti-aliasing is back, but is off by default, and a new resolution management is reimplemented alongside with this new anti-aliasing option.
To find these, just go to Configuration > Video and change the values for Anti-aliasing and Resolution.

Beware that Anti-aliasing may not be supported by your graphics card (which resulted in several cases of black screens, back when this was implemented for the first time), or the number of samples you want to set may be higher than the number allowed by your graphics card (you can choose between x4, x8 or x16 of multisampling). If you get a black screen by using this, just leave it off and it will go back to normal.
This should be interesting to test when and which cards do support this feature.

As for the resolutions, these now do change your screen's actual resolution, but they have to use Java's full-screen exclusive mode as it's the only supported method to allow this graphical switch. Again, this may probably trigger some OS conflicts which need to be investigated.

So, just change these options and they will take effect the next time you start JPCSP. Better yet, JPCSP will only switch into the desired resolution with anti-alias after you load your game. Big Grin

Nice to see another update on all this! Still not working quite right though.

If I have the resolution set to ANYTHING other than native, I get taken to a full screen black screen immediately after selecting a iso. I'm stuck there and cannot select "RUN". Clicking in the window and pressing F4 which i initiatlly need to do to get to the iso selector does not work at this point. This occurs with any AA options set or the "exclusive fullscreen" option ticked or not. Something is wrong there. If i use Native, I can select my game, window stays small and then I can press RUN can chose when to go fullscreen.

Also, what about Bilinear filtering?? My ugly sprites need smoothing! Smile

The same here, altough i think its a simple problem for Hykem to solve. Why dont you let the menu be called while in fullscreen? Or at least the run button or a shortcut key to the RUN option? The AA arent working in fullscreen also. Dont notice if its working in window mode... i think not.
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