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Armored Core: Silent Line Portable - NPUH10025
is full playable 30-60fps speed but only work if disabled thread sound

Copy log problem issue with sound + mediaengine

Quote:762 [GUI] INFO emu - Jpcsp v0.6 1773
763 [GUI] INFO emu - UMD param.sfo :
REGION = 32768
probably homebrew? false
781 [GUI] INFO emu - Loading global compatibility settings
782 [GUI] INFO ge - Only GE Graphics: false
782 [GUI] INFO hle.sceMpeg - Using JPCSP connector
783 [GUI] INFO hle.sceMpeg - Media Engine enabled
818 [GUI] INFO hle.sceAudio - Audio ChReserve disabled: false
819 [GUI] INFO hle.sceAudio - Audio Blocking disabled: false
819 [GUI] INFO hle.ThreadManForUser - Audio threads disabled: false
819 [GUI] INFO memory - Ignore invalid memory access: true
1149 [GUI] INFO emu - Found ModuleInfo name:'Module_name' version:0101 attr:00000000 gp:00000000
1152 [GUI] INFO emu - Found 210 imports from 26 modules
1154 [GUI] INFO emu - 210 NIDS mapped
1173 [GUI] INFO hle.IoFileMgrForUser - pspiofilemgr - filepath disc0/
1199 [GUI] INFO ge - OpenGL version: 3.3.0
1334 [GUI] INFO ge - Using VBO
1336 [GUI] INFO ge - Using shaders with Skinning
1337 [GUI] INFO ge - Using Geometry Shader for SPRITES
1530 [GUI] INFO ge - Using Geometry Shader shader-150.geom
2767 [root] WARN hle - Unsupported syscall 2133 SysMemUserForUser_91DE343C 05000010 09fffe00 00000000
2939 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.scePower - scePowerRegisterCallback slot=-1 SceUID=e
3003 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = msstor0p1:/ flags = 3 permissions = 00
3036 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = umd1: flags = 1 permissions = 00
3948 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceUtility - IGNORINGConfusedceUtilityLoadModule(module=0x0300) PSP_MODULE_AV_AVCODEC
3949 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceUtility - IGNORINGConfusedceUtilityLoadModule(module=0x0301) PSP_MODULE_AV_SASCORE
3950 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceUtility - IGNORINGConfusedceUtilityLoadModule(module=0x0302) PSP_MODULE_AV_ATRAC3PLUS
3963 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceSasCore - PARTIAL: __sceSasInit
4291 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceUtility - IGNORINGConfusedceUtilityLoadModule(module=0x0100) PSP_MODULE_NET_COMMON
4298 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceUtility - IGNORINGConfusedceUtilityLoadModule(module=0x0101) PSP_MODULE_NET_ADHOC
13850 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceUtility - PARTIALConfusedceUtilitySavedataInitStart Address 0x09F33A30, mode=8, gameName=NPUH10025, saveName=ACSLSAVELIST00, fileName=SAVEDATA.BIN
23043 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceUtility - IGNORINGConfusedceUtilityLoadModule(module=0x0303) PSP_MODULE_AV_MPEGBASE
23052 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceMpeg - sceMpegInit
23065 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] WARN hle.sceDisplay - sceDisplaySetFrameBuf(topaddr=0x0,bufferwidth=512,pixelformat=3,syncType=1) bad params (topaddr==0)
23074 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/movie/ac3op.pmf flags = 1 permissions = 01204
23137 [MovieDecodeThread] INFO emu - 2010-09-27 16:28:04,051 [MovieDecodeThread] ERROR org.ffmpeg - [h264 @ 0x4b16ec50] missing picture in access unit
23139 [MovieDecodeThread] ERROR hle - MediaEngine: No audio streams found!
23495 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceDisplay - sceDisplaySetFrameBuf(topaddr=0x4000000,bufferwidth=512,pixelformat=3,syncType=1) ok
54703 [SoundThread] WARN hle.sceAudio - sceAudioOutputPannedBlocking (pvoid_buf==0): delaying current thread
54810 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO emu - 2010-09-27 16:28:35,725 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] DEBUG com.xuggle.xuggler - Closing dangling StreamCoder (../../../../../../../csrc/com/xuggle/xuggler/StreamCoder.cpp:82)
54815 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceMpeg - sceMpegFinish
54827 [UNKNOWN GAME THREAD] INFO hle.sceUtility - IGNORINGConfusedceUtilityUnloadModule(module=0x0303) PSP_MODULE_AV_MPEGBASE
55843 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle.sceAtrac3plus - hleAtracSetData atracID=65, bufferSize=0x71800, fileSize=0x71224
55848 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - Undecodable AT3+ data detected.
55849 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - The ATRAC3 audio is currently being saved under
55849 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - tmp/NPUH10025/Atrac/
55849 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - To decode the audio, copy the following file
55850 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - *.at3
55850 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - command.txt
55850 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - to your PSP under
55850 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - ms0:/tmp/
55851 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - and run the 'Jpcsp Connector 3xx' on your PSP.
55851 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - After decoding on the PSP, move the following files
55851 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - ms0:/tmp/.at3.decoded
55852 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - back to Jpcsp under
55852 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - tmp/NPUH10025/Atrac/
55852 [CSoundAtrac3Player] INFO hle - Afterwards, you can delete the files on the PSP.

And Emu block 1fps not posible pass first video.pmf

- recomended shaders work better 3D not bugs found
- no recomended vertex cache.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: 1388267.png]
maximu could you make a gameplay vid?
(10-01-2010, 05:04 PM)pmk Wrote: maximu could you make a gameplay vid?

yes now uploaded video but limited speed in some zones Sad My CPU intensive and HDD limit sorry

and I forgot to say as a weird effect with the camera sometimes in the game is annoying

[Image: 1388267.png]
thank you maximu
this vid is awesome!!!!!!!
I'm uploaded New video with some sound tested in 1836rev


sometimes the emulator represents a slowdown in one areas

currently works in the game with audio enabled of some sounds ,

And the camera errors appear to be fixed, now can play much better.
[Image: 1388267.png]
(11-12-2010, 11:08 PM)MaXiMu Wrote: I'm uploaded New video with some sound tested in 1836rev


sometimes the emulator represents a slowdown in one areas

currently works in the game with audio enabled of some sounds ,

And the camera errors appear to be fixed, now can play much better.

amazing !!!!!!!!
the speed is much better

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