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Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road - ULUS10234
(07-23-2011, 01:15 PM)Vegerunks Wrote: Ok on a GREAT note, Between Revisions 2211 and 2217 this game went from playing at 12-15 fps on my computer to 25-45 in battles. powering up and some attacks are only time it loses that nice speed. and even then its over 25. So im guessing JPCSP is becoming more compatible with crappy video cards Smile
This is probably due to the compiler improvement in r2212. It would be interesting if you could confirm it is indeed related to r2212.

Always include a complete log file at INFO level in your reports. Thanks! How to post a log
Yet another great speed boost for me between Revisions 2231 and 2238 now only problem i have had with the game for me is that in Story mode Message pop ups while on the world map are invisible.

Examples: The overall results of that level, Characters talking only the text is visible the box and the character talking are both invisible.

My assumption is that if everyone else doesn't have this problem then it is fixed through the transparency fix, which I can't use that fix cuz my video card sucks and Shaders/vertex cache give my game a black screen.

Edit: okay correction I can use Vertex Cache now but all it does is slow games down lol.
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 970 3.7 GHz, GPU: Geforce GTX 550 Ti, Ram: 16 GB, Windows 7 64-bit
It didn't load. screen black. Computer specs: Dual core 2,2 Ghz, GeForce 2200, 2GB RAM
it could be your video card or RAM, this is one of the more demanding PSP games if you want anything better than 20 FPS, The black screen could also be a bad rip of your game.(Your psp might of messed up while ripping it or something.
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 970 3.7 GHz, GPU: Geforce GTX 550 Ti, Ram: 16 GB, Windows 7 64-bit
(09-22-2010, 11:16 AM)Dragonballrox Wrote: With a descent speed and no errors, (If you did not meddle with the configuration) DBZ Shin Budokai 2 Another Road is compeletely playable in JPSP.

Broken in r2467 same for dbz shin budokai.


see sceFontFindOptimumFont, isFontMatchingStyle, (fontFamily, fontLanguage & fontRegion)

8695 [Emu] INFO  runtime - Using Compiler
8741 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08995C0C by Native Code 'strlen'
8742 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08995B04 by Native Code 'memset'
8752 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x089A11A0 by Native Code 'nop'
8768 [user_main] INFO  hle.LoadExecForUser - sceKernelRegisterExitCallback SceUID=c
8777 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08995CEC by Native Code 'strncpy'
8786 [user_main] INFO  hle.ModuleMgrForUser - sceKernelLoadModule: partition=2, position=0
8787 [user_main] INFO  hle.ModuleMgrForUser - hleKernelLoadModule(path='disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/MODULE/libfont.prx') HLE module loaded
8790 [user_main] INFO  hle.ModuleMgrForUser - IGNORING:sceKernelStartModule HLE module 'libfont'
8794 [user_main] INFO  hle.sceUtility - sceUtilityLoadAvModule(module=0x0001) PSP_AV_MODULE_SASCORE loaded
8796 [user_main] INFO  hle.sceUtility - sceUtilityLoadAvModule(module=0x0000) PSP_AV_MODULE_AVCODEC loaded
8798 [user_main] INFO  hle.sceUtility - sceUtilityLoadAvModule(module=0x0003) PSP_AV_MODULE_MPEGBASE loaded
8800 [user_main] INFO  hle.sceUtility - sceUtilityLoadAvModule(module=0x0002) PSP_AV_MODULE_ATRAC3PLUS loaded
8803 [user_main] INFO  hle.sceUtility - sceUtilityLoadNetModule(module=0x0001) PSP_NET_MODULE_COMMON loaded
8805 [user_main] INFO  hle.sceUtility - sceUtilityLoadNetModule(module=0x0002) PSP_NET_MODULE_ADHOC loaded
8821 [GUI] INFO  ge - Compiling VertexInfoReader for GU_TRANSFORM_3D size=0
8852 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VSCX: coordX=0
8852 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VSCY: coordY=0
8853 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VSCZ: coordZ=0
8853 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VTCS: coordS=0.0
8853 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VTCT: coordT=0.0
8853 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VTCQ: coordQ=0.0
8854 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VCV: colorR=0, colorG=0, colorB=0
8854 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VAP: alpha=0, prim_type=0
8854 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VFC: fog=0
8854 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unimplemented VSCV: colorR2=0, colorG2=0, colorB2=0
8995 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08995C88 by Native Code 'strncmp'
8996 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08995AC4 by Native Code 'memcpy'
9000 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08995BC8 by Native Code 'strcpy'
9008 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/fcache_us.lst flags = 1 permissions = 0644
9028 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_cmn_pic.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9176 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: "disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_cmn_pic.afs" Opened.(sceIoOpen fd = 4 size = 132911104)
9176 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_us.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9183 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: "disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_us.afs" Opened.(sceIoOpen fd = 5 size = 81498112)
9184 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_btl_us.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9190 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: "disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_btl_us.afs" Opened.(sceIoOpen fd = 6 size = 4749312)
9191 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_btl_cmn.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9199 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: "disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_btl_cmn.afs" Opened.(sceIoOpen fd = 7 size = 185624576)
9199 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_btl_voice_jp.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9206 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: "disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_btl_voice_jp.afs" Opened.(sceIoOpen fd = 8 size = 20770816)
9207 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_btl_voice_us.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9213 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: "disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_btl_voice_us.afs" Opened.(sceIoOpen fd = 9 size = 19161088)
9214 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_voice_jp.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9220 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: "disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_voice_jp.afs" Opened.(sceIoOpen fd = 10 size = 18696192)
9221 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: Total 7 files.
9248 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x0895C04C by Native Code 'nop'
9253 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x0897CD44 by Native Code 'nop'
9254 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x0897CD4C by Native Code 'nop'
9260 [CRI Wave out] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeSequence at 0x0897137C-0x08971560 by Native Code 'bzeroSequence'
9261 [CRI Wave out] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeSequence at 0x089717B0-0x089717FC by Native Code 'bzeroSequence'
9264 [CRI Wave out] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08971B54 by Native Code 'nop'
9267 [CRI Wave out] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08971B5C by Native Code 'nop'
9271 [CRI Wave out] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x089732D8 by Native Code 'mixMonoToStereo'
9293 [CRI ADX File] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x0895F0C8 by Native Code 'nop'
9313 [user_main] INFO  hle.sceMpeg - sceMpegInit
9322 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08985BE8 by Native Code 'nop'
9332 [user_main] DEBUG hle.sceFont - sceFontNewLib paramsAddr=0x09FFF5A4, errorCodeAddr=0x09FFF5A0
9334 [user_main] WARN  hle.sceNet - IGNORING: sceNetInit (poolsize=0x20000, calloutThreadPri=0x28, calloutThreadStack=0x1000, netinitThreadPri=0x28, netinitThreadStack=0x1000)
9337 [user_main] WARN  hle.sceNetAdhoc - IGNORING: sceNetAdhocInit
9340 [user_main] WARN  hle.sceNetAdhocctl - PARTIAL: sceNetAdhocctlInit (threadStack=0x2000, threadPri=0x29, adhocIDAddr=0x9fff5c0)
9340 [user_main] INFO  hle.sceNetAdhocctl - Found Adhoc ID data: type=0, params=ULJS00107
9346 [user_main] WARN  hle.sceNetAdhocctl - PARTIAL: sceNetAdhocctlAddHandler (adhocctlHandlerAddr=0x8941a80, adhocctlHandlerArg=0x0)
9366 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08995B94 by Native Code 'strcmp'
9372 [user_main] DEBUG hle.sceFont - sceFontFindOptimumFont fontLib=FontLib - Handle: '0x0000001B', Fonts: '8', fontStyleAddr=0x09FFF544, errorCodeAddr=0x09FFF540
9373 [user_main] DEBUG hle.sceFont - sceFontFindOptimumFont: fontH 0,000000, fontV 0,000000, fontHRes 0,000000, fontVRes 0,000000, fontWeight 0,000000, fontFamily 1, fontStyle 103, fontStyleSub 0, fontLanguage 1, fontRegion 0, fontCountry 0, fontName '', fontFileName '', fontAttributes 0, fontExpire 0
9375 [user_main] DEBUG hle.sceFont - sceFontGetFontInfo font=null, fontInfoAddr=0x08B0B464
9399 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08918AD0 by Native Code 'nop'
9400 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08920738 by Native Code 'nop'
9401 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x0891A1CC by Native Code 'nop'
9401 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x088FC888 by Native Code 'nop'
9403 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08924D00 by Native Code 'nop'
9406 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08925BD4 by Native Code 'nop'
9407 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x0880F2B4 by Native Code 'nop'
9433 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08969530 by Native Code 'nop'
9434 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08969538 by Native Code 'nop'
9446 [GUI] INFO  ge - Compiling VertexInfoReader for GU_COLOR_8888|GU_VERTEX_16BIT|GU_TRANSFORM_2D size=12
9520 [GUI] INFO  ge - Using Geometry Shader shader-150.geom
9571 [user_main] INFO  compiler - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08995A78 by Native Code 'memcmp'
9808 [user_main] INFO  stdout - PSPCI: File cache was not hit. "disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_voice_us.afs"
9809 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_voice_us.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9817 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_voice_us.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
9823 [user_main] INFO  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - hleIoOpen filename = disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/data_sys_voice_us.afs flags = 1 permissions = 01204
just forgot to copy fonts...
ahm sir i only have 512 mb ram can i play this game?
what setting should i use?
You can play it but it will run veeeery slow,but you can try
Am I the only one with this cool sig?
[Image: ji6WX.png]
[Image: 2404362.png]
With the newest revs up from 2239 u can play game at full speed Wink Maybe even with some older. And i think on every DBZ game except Tenkaichi Tag Team which work slow on newest revs.

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