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JPCSP v0.6 released!
A new version of the famous JPCSP emulator for PSP has just been released!

There are a bunch of new features on this release :

-> Included compilation of several "Allegrex" instructions in dynarec for a
much better performance;

-> Performed major code cleanups and reorganization;

-> Fixed and improved module loading:
- Corrected import and export's mapping;
- Implemented newly discovered loading methods.

-> Updated all modules with the most recent findings;

-> Added all new save/load (savedata) modes;

-> Reviewed and improved all kernel object managers:
- Implemented each kernel object manager's attributes;
- Added full LwMutex support in a dedicated kernel object manager
- Provided corrections for mutex, semaphore and event flag managers;
- Properly implemented VPL and FPL handling.

-> Improved graphics' handling:
- Splitted rendering into a new RE (rendering engine);
- Cleaned up and optimized VideoEngine;
- Fully implemented, corrected and organized main GE commands;
- Improved shaders' usage and stability;
- Introduced a geometry shader for increased speed in rendering;
- Fixed display list processing;
- Improved the performance of several GE commands.
- Implemented the VideoEngine processing in a parallel thread,
to take advantage of dual-core processors and
match the PSP dual-core architecture.

-> Implemented a MediaEngine for video and audio playback (based on FFMPEG):
- Added video playback support in sceMpeg and scePsmfPlayer;
- Added ATRAC3 audio playback support in sceAtrac3plus;
- Improved "UMD Browser" to display images, load videos and play sounds
from the UMD data.

-> Improved main GUI and debug tools:
- Added a "Cheats" menu with CWCheat support;
- Provided a cleaner organization and display of settings;
- Removed "Emulation" menu;
- Improved the "Logger" tool;
- Added a new "Image Viewer" tool.

You can d/l it from the official site or from the following links:



linux 64


Finally new official release, congratulations! Big Grin
yes congartulations
i have a question..
when i click start-windows-x86 nothing happened.
can someone help me..

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