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How to build?
Using visual studio 2013 update 3 and rpsc3 zipped from github

Did you download the latest version and also download all the submodules at the right version? (submodules don't get bundled into the zip)

Fixed issue by changing the sub module version, however it seems to act much different to the latest buildbot build

Also I think auto pause is broken in the latest buildbot build as in all errors pause the emulator

Hey, kind of topic.. but I can't build the last release from github(commit#1860) . There's the need of GLEW lib :} .

So on my debian:
$ sudo apt-get install libglew-dev

Fixed the dependency wanted by cmake. Just to reference for plp who came on forum wanting help on building from source.

Btw, git submodule is needed, as other repositories are linked... so if someone came across that: $ cd rpcs3; git submodule update --init

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