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Why is this program far worse than PPSSPP?
I know I will get banned for this but I really do not care. This is seriously a joke of a program. It simply doesn't work at ll. It doesn't even read ISO files. Its a pain in the ass to deal with as well and Java? Why Java? I think the programmers should jsut cancel this mess and move over to PPSSPP and so we can have one good emulator and not one really bad one and one good one. I think their talents would be better suited elsewhere.

Now I am not saying PPSSPP is perfect. Its far from it but at least its user friendly and it can load files. JPCSP is just a big pile of mess. I'm sorry to say it but it is. I wish you all the best of luck with this but you guys are so far behind PPSSPP its not even funny.
it does read isos, you just either can't dump them or are a filthy pirate.

java, because why not? even if it was just to accept a challenge to write something as complex as an emulator in a language like java.

ppsspp wouldn't exist without jpcsp. it was created mostly by using jpcsp findings.
OH is that so? I am sorry for everything I said then. Aslo the files work well on my PSP so theirs nothing wrong with my files. The emulator at times either wont load anything at all or say the file is not compatible. It however does not do this with PPSSPP though.
java is a joke say almost reach fast near speed c++ programming!

java keep change program structure every update so jpcsp emulator 100% become broken and unusable

java programming from the start bound to fail if they start with C++ programming more success than java

C++ programming much faster than java programming truth

ps2 pcsx2 emulator use C++ programming take 10 years to reach 75% playable game!
That is true.
I didn't know it was mandatory for developers to have to create every program in C++. In the case of emulators, I guess people like soywiz and developers of emulators written in other programming languages should just kick the bucket then.
I didn't think I would see this kind of post or maybe I hoped it wouldn't be created.Seems like you do not understand why jpcsp was created:at first it was only for debugging purpose and for proving that a psp in java could be made but then the devs wanted to continue with their work,because you just can't leave a project after so much work
Besides jpcsp is made to simulate the most accurate way what psp does so it's natural that first comes the functionality and later the speed.
Why can't people show a little appreciation for what jpcsp devs made?Is it that hard to thank the devs?At least pretend you apreciate them.

hell321: the 10 years it needed to psx2 to arrive at that speed with what has been done in like.....4 or 5 years.Just because it is slow in your pc it doesn't mean it's slow in all the pcs.
As serio already said:If there wasn't jpcsp then neither would be ppsspp
Am I the only one with this cool sig?
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Still in my personal experience just get both and test the games. They are free anyway. Some games run good on jpcsp but not in pps and vice versa...

i not programmer just a normal people but with info C++ much faster than java no matter how you compare!!!

sry my com spec quite mid range spec not cpu problem is ur java jpcsp problem

i5 2500k 3.3ghz
8gb ram
hd 6670 1gb ddr5

i hope you join up with other use java jpcsp for debugging purpose for the better of tomorrow.
That's what I was saying,you can't compare them since jpcsp aims to emulate exactly the behavior on the psp while ppsspp is aimed at playing games with full speed
Am I the only one with this cool sig?
[Image: ji6WX.png]
[Image: 2404362.png]

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