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Lag when the background music changes
Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, I tried looking for a similar thread first but I couldn't find one. So I'm thinking this is probably a stupid question but I don't know how to fix it Sad sorry

I'm using the newest version of the jpcsp x64 version. On the site it says it is "revision 3244" (updated 2 days ago (20/06/13)).

Problem - I was playing this game and it worked, but every time the background music changes it lags for about 2 seconds. I know this could be a problem with my computer's specs but I don't think that is too likely (Win8, 8gb of RAM, intel core i7, 1tb of hard drive space (most of which is not used)).

The game did not play with background music when I first ran it (and did not lag without the bgm) but after searching around I found it was recommended to get SonicStage, Sound Forge and Mono Atrac for the sound to work (the voices already worked without any of this though). So I installed SonicStage and that seemed to fix the background music but it now lags when the background music changes. Will installing the other two change that, or is there something else I can do? It's not a big problem but it would be nice if I could get the background music running without lag.

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