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JPCSP Compile Quick Guide for Windows
This guide doesn't cover installing and setting up svn source on your hard drive
Only how to compile the JPCSP for your self

Download Java SDK
download version which is suitable for your system x64/x86
[Image: ckfl.jpg]
Uninstall your Java on system!
Most probably Java JRE is installed
Uninstall any updates from java as well
You must do this! ,JRE is no longer necessary  when using JDK and it will clash and cause problems when trying to work with java applications

Install Java SDK
restart of PC is not necessary!
Download and install Winant
WinAnt is a Windows installer
[Image: dlq6.jpg]
WinAnt will ask you to point to JDK folder!
point to this
"c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\"
NOT to java but to jdk folder!
without quotes
[Image: zlyy.jpg]
And u are almost good to go!

assuming that u allready have setted svn on hdd
go to svn source folder of JPCSP ,usually :
open command promt
and type:

ant -f build-auto.xml dist-windows-amd64
ant -f build-auto.xml dist-windows-x86

Depending of the build you want!
[Image: z2dp.jpg]
If you are in trouble finding /opening command promt i attached 2 bat files at bottom
download the one for your system ,put in root folder of JPCSP SVN and double click it
That's it!
your compiled JPCSP will be in new created folder "dist" of svn
[Image: pjjq.jpg]

Reason for writing this is cause none were existing
and even with advanced experience in compiling it took me some time to get this done
Hence the guide!

Have fun!

G! Thank you for the work on JPCSP!

Attached Files
.zip   Compile (Size: 164 bytes / Downloads: 174)
.zip   Compile (Size: 166 bytes / Downloads: 168)
Thank you for the guide. Hopefully this will encourage more people to make their own JPCSP build instead of complaining when Orphis's buildbot goes down for whatever reason.
Good initiative; an important sticky thread.

However, in order to avoid so many questions, will be nice if you add more details or examples, i don't know. Maybe attach a batch file that compile the build automatically so it keep some kind of order.
[Image: montcer.png]
made it bit fancier and with pictures Blush
Thanks for the thread,it's now sticked so everyone can see it
Am I the only one with this cool sig?
[Image: ji6WX.png]
[Image: 2404362.png]
If you're going to compile your sources anyway, a better idea would be to get the repo straight from the SVN or something similar, so that you can keep it updated easily as well.
Do any guide directly run in NetBeans ? Thanks
(06-23-2013, 01:22 PM)sum2012 Wrote: Do any guide directly run in NetBeans ? Thanks

I tried to make it work by compiling directly in netbeans, however, I wasn't able to make it use at3tool to decode my sound files by compiling it through netbeans, so I ended up using netbeans' ant to compile as that was cheaper (just add the path to netbeans' ant and the path to the JDK bin folder to your PATH) and it worked ^^
at3tool/atrac3plus2wav support is already implemented. the emulator uses the included bat file to use those tools if they're present. it requires sonicstage to work though.
Estoy intentando compilar usando las ultimas versiones de librerias pero me esta dando error, podrias depronto explicar como hacer para compilar usando las ultimas versiones de las librerias y no las que usa por default el emulador? gracias

im try compile using last version of libraries but y have error compile, you can teach me how i can do? thanks

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