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Black Rock Shooter The Game - NPUH10126
(04-28-2013, 08:53 AM)Shinoyami65 Wrote:
(04-24-2013, 06:07 AM)hyakki Wrote: BLACKā˜…ROCK SHOOTER THE GAME

Looks playable, currently limited testing as I'm still in the process of testing a few levels.
so far video/audio, Save/Load is working.

Lots of these warnings in the log
23:01:19  WARN       ge - GUI - Unimplemented VCV: colorR=255, colorG=255, colorB=255
23:01:19  WARN       ge - GUI - Unimplemented VCV: colorR=255, colorG=255, colorB=255
23:01:19  WARN       ge - GUI - Unimplemented VCV: colorR=255, colorG=255, colorB=255
23:01:19  WARN       ge - GUI - Unimplemented VCV: colorR=255, colorG=255, colorB=255

What settings are you using? I can get the game to play, but it is slowed down to around 9-15 FPS and voices won't play. BGM also stops after a while. Videos such as the opening movie play fine, but ingame cinematics and gameplay are slowed down. I'm using r3111.

I had the voices problem too, but I fixed it. Read Hyakki's post to fix that problem.
Also have the exact same mentioned problems.
1. Music stops after a while;
2. Game freezes randomly on transitions(i.e when a fmv ends or when you finish a battle);

Shame if it wouldn't freeze then it would be perfectly playable.
CPU: Intel C2D E8500 @4.2 GHZ GPU: MSI Radeon 6870 Twin Frozr II 1024MB (920/1050)
RAM: 2x2GB Corsair Dominator DDR2-1066 5-5-5-15
any help for random crash ? . i had the same problem
it seems game is no longer crashing in newer revisions... music still disappears.
What configuration I need to have more speed( or FPS?) ? I use r3288. My speed is hardly 5-10 FPS on movies!!!!!
CoMO lo descargo?? ya descarge ese link de Log_r3115(64bit) nuevo por favor ayudenme.Ya tengo el emulador y me anda pero no se como descargar el juego
Video plays perfectly. Audio synced.
Hangs for about a quarter second when voices are called. Voices work.
No freezes for as far as I've played (3rd mission).
Solid 30FPS with Frameskip 15

My problem lies in some GFX fine-tuning

Here are my settings.
Only GE graphics
Use vertex cache
Use shaders
Use a Geometry Shader for 2D rendering
Enable VAO
Enable dynamic shader generation

Antialiasing x8

The screenshots show the game under these settings, as well as when using "Enable saving GE screen to textures instead of memory" and "Enable the shader implementation for the 'Color Mask'"

Using GE screen to textures, the screen quality takes a leap up and a sort of blurred out duplicate appears as well as borders along the right and top of the screen in the "world" view. In Battle, the area textures are sharper. [The blurred duplicate only appears on resolutions higher than 2X]
When Color Mask is added to this, the blurred out duplicate and border dissapear in the "world" view, overlays are also disabled (HP, Objective, Actions). In Battle, only the area is visible, sharper still.

Short of manually changing the settings every time, is there a way I can have the "world" quality of the GE screen to textures and Color Mask without the objects disappearing in battles and overlays in the "world" view?

Example 1:List + None | Fullsize
[Image: NPUH10126-Example1_zpsd9833bc6.png~original]
Example 2: List + GE screen to textures | Fullsize
[Image: NPUH10126-Example2_zpsa3803483.png~original]
Example 3: List + GE screen to textures + Color Mask | Fullsize
[Image: NPUH10126-Example3_zps9d0b8a18.png~original]

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