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Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles - usa - ULKS-46155
Hmm, tried the latest build and it seems SotN works a little better visually, and maybe even performs slightly better too. The game still seems to buckle in any location where there is a 3D effect, however, and sprites have this very minor, very strange 'jump' effect on screen when doing anything, as if they're scrolling in place. Is there any particular setting to use to beef up performance, or is it something that has to be handled with an emulation fix? I've also noticed that the game does in fact play some audio, but otherwise methods to get the whole game to have voices in scenes is a no go at present, yes? Outside of ingame battle cries, the prologue after Richter defeats Dracula is fully voiced, but any scene in game is just scrolling text. I assume this is because the way audio is encoded for that one scene is different than the audio used literally in game. The game even slightly stops between characters talking, as if it's trying to load the audio.

yeah, most of the game's cutscene voices are in mono at3+ format which isn't supported yet. gotta wait until hykem implements his findings into the emulator.

(03-18-2013, 12:49 AM)Marcelo-20XX Wrote: NOTE2: Can some Moderator unban my Marcelo_20xx account which got banned by the damn Akismet plz....sigh!
Try sending a PM to shadow.
[Image: montcer.png]

Thanks I will try that, hopefully I will be unbanned. I was trying to help and this is the first time I got banned from a forum

Me too. Akismet here is kinda delicated hahahaha.
[Image: montcer.png]

hey guys can someone help the game is stuck at now loading after the first level running jpcsp .v063128

(12-10-2012, 10:56 AM)Duke Nukem Wrote: All three major games were perfectly playable & completable in JPCSP!

I'll just let the images speak for themselves:


What revision and settings did you use for SoTN?

I still want to know it, man. What revision? Because for me the game does not work at all.

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