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Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles - usa - ULKS-46155
media engine enabled, ignore invalid memory addresses, use viewport (without it the graphics is stretched)

first attempt to run fails, the game crashes after konami logo, while trying to show a short movie. after reset it goes fine.
62 [user_main] ERROR hle - MediaEngine: No audio streams found!

game works fine, although there are some bugs. richter doesn't animate, some of the 3d models are facing the wrong way, there's no music nor storyline voices.

no music doesn't do much problems, but no ability to play storyline voice acting doesn't let the player see the storyline, since it looks like the game's waiting for the voice to start playing before displaying text. without the ability to skip the story with start it'd just stop there.
977141 [user_main] WARN  hle - IGNORING: __sceSasSetADSR sasCore=08c7e640, voice=1 00000008 00000000 00000000 00000000 0020c49b
988907 [user_main] WARN  hle - IGNORING: __sceSasSetADSR sasCore=08c7e640, voice=0 00000008 00000000 00000000 00000000 0020c49b

game's pretty slow even on a dual core with a geforce fx 9500 gt, but it's fully 3d so i'm not expecting it to work as fast as 2d ones.

trying to choose the boss rush mode crashes the game with unsupported syscals.
989485 [user_main] WARN  hle - Unsupported syscall 22da sceNetAdhocMatchingStop 00000000 00000014 00000000
989485 [user_main] WARN  hle - Unsupported syscall 22db sceNetAdhocMatchingDelete 00000000 00000014 00000000
989485 [user_main] WARN  hle - Unsupported syscall 22d7 sceNetAdhocMatchingTerm 00000000 00000014 00000000
989485 [user_main] WARN  hle - Unsupported syscall 22c8 sceNetAdhocctlDisconnect 00000000 00000014 00000000

saving works just fine.
ever since the changes in r1697 the game got broken, just like some other games which use 3d.

the speed is reduced and eventually goes down to nothing which causes a crash and the textures are all mangled and stretched.

first screen shows how it looks now, second how it looked before, and how it should look.
graphics back to normal, and it doesn't crash after a short while.

after trying to start one of the unlockable games (symphony of the night) i get a null pointer exception crash during loading though.

log attached.

edit: if this matters,
Running Jpcsp 32bit...
        at jpcsp.HLE.modules150.ThreadManForUser.install_idle_threads(
        at jpcsp.HLE.modules150.ThreadManForUser.start(
        at jpcsp.HLE.modules.HLEModuleManager.startModules(
        at jpcsp.Emulator.initCpu(
        at jpcsp.Emulator.load(
        at jpcsp.HLE.modules150.LoadExecForUser.sceKernelLoadExec(
        at jpcsp.HLE.modules150.LoadExecForUser$1.execute(
        at jpcsp.HLE.modules.HLEModuleManager.handleSyscall(
        at jpcsp.HLE.SyscallHandler.syscall(
        at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.syscall(
        at _S1_2_8A31884.s(
        at _S1_2_89A3CB8.s(
        at _S1_2_89A3D50.s(
        at _S1_2_882D194.s(
        at _S1_2_8A314F8.s(
        at _S1_2_8A314F8.exec(
        at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.runThread(

the crash no longer happens, i can get to the menu. once i enter the name and press start to confirm it the game stops moving. there's some texture corruption and lack of visible transparency.

eventually the game crashes after around a minute of it being just stopped.

i tried switching to debug mode at the end since nothing was going on in the logger in warning mode.
(06-26-2010, 08:17 AM)serio Wrote: some of the 3d models are facing the wrong way
Is this problem fixed in r1738?
yep. models are facing the right way now and they even animate.

there's some framebuffer problem i think. resizing the game screen on the stage 1 which has some sort of screen waving effect on it causes it to look wrong (sorta like it's getting resized 2 or 3 times more than the screen), but that one was present ever since the redesign some versions ago.

if only ge graphic is enabled, the framebuffer resizes fine, but the gameplay window doesn't at all. it stays locked at 1:1 resolution. if framebuffer's being updated then, the game screen will be almost invisible (other than visible hud and the rest having some sort of "predator effect")

edit: i didn't notice that before since i didn't try to enter and then quit the extra game, but did that now and got some errors. the game didn't seem to do anything wrong because of them though. it returned to the original game without problems.

122500 [user_main] WARN  hle - sceKernelDeleteSema - unknown uid 0x0
122500 [user_main] ERROR emu - Attempt to use SceUID for different purpose (purpose='ThreadMan-sema',original='SceModule')
122500 [user_main] WARN  hle - sceKernelDeleteSema - unknown uid 0x1
122500 [user_main] ERROR emu - Attempt to use SceUID for different purpose (purpose='ThreadMan-sema',original='SysMem')
122500 [user_main] WARN  hle - sceKernelDeleteSema - unknown uid 0x2
122500 [user_main] ERROR emu - Attempt to use SceUID for different purpose (purpose='ThreadMan-sema',original='SysMem')
122515 [user_main] WARN  hle - sceKernelDeleteSema - unknown uid 0x3
122515 [user_main] ERROR emu - Attempt to use SceUID for different purpose (purpose='ThreadMan-sema',original='ThreadMan-thread')
122515 [user_main] WARN  hle - sceKernelDeleteSema - unknown uid 0x4
122515 [user_main] ERROR emu - Attempt to use SceUID for different purpose (purpose='ThreadMan-sema',original='ThreadMan-thread')
122515 [user_main] WARN  hle - sceKernelDeleteSema - unknown uid 0x5
122515 [user_main] WARN  hle.sceDisplay - IGNORING: sceDisplaySetHoldMode unk=1
122531 [GUI] WARN  hle.sceDisplay - hleDisplaySetGeBuf bad params (4000000,0,0)
122890 [user_main] WARN  hle.sceUmdUser - UNIMPLEMENTED:sceUmdReplaceProhibit

no change in the main game, but the extra games now freeze the emulator on loading. they don't even get to the title screen or konami ads anymore.

logs attached.
Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles

jpcsp 1744
videos are now visible/audible, and the music plays as well. the music even loops, although incorrectly (it should be using loop points for seamless looping, but right now it just restarts from the beginning instead of a specific part of the track).

during the cutscenes i get this all the time:
416969 [user_main] WARN  hle.IoFileMgrForUser - seek - uid c7 PSP_ERROR_ASYNC_BUSY
416969 [ATRAC3 play thread] WARN  hle.ThreadManForUser - hleKernelWaitSema - unknown uid 0x0
416969 [ATRAC3 play thread] WARN  hle.ThreadManForUser - sceKernelSignalSema - unknown uid 0x0
and the voice/text for them doesn't load either so they get stuck (maybe because of that error).

extra games still crash the emu, spamming this in the debug log:
10388 [user_main] DEBUG hle.sceCtrl - hleCtrlExecuteSampling
10388 [user_main] DEBUG hle.ThreadManForUser - Triggering Interrupt VBLANK(0x1E)
10388 [user_main] DEBUG hle.ThreadManForUser - End of Interrupt
I cannot play at all, with JPCSP 1772. I also installed JRE. After loading, when I press 'run' there is just no response. Could you please help ?


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