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Problems with FPs on Dissidia 012 - MelkorHardcore - 03-08-2012 07:27 PM

Hi all ^^

( >^^)>First of all, thanks for this emu.Its just awesome<(^^< )
(my crisis core portable Wink ).Btw sorry for my bad english

Well , here its my problem ,maybe u can help me to solve it!
Ok the game has low Fps since it start. We are talking about 14 Fps whne loading and when the video comes, it just goes to 3 or 4 fps. Unplayable. (Grrrr)
Ok, im using Jpcsp 0.6 2463
My java plattform version right now is 6. I have updated it some minutes ago since i realized it would be a problem. OK i might go in the right direction i dunno.
The options i have put as enable in my Jpcsp (Big Grin) are:
General: the first 3 options, default path, UMD
Video:vertex cache,(experimental)shaders, GE memory screen saver or something like that , the following sentenced of VAO that is enable too.
Media:Media Engine
Cryp:i didnt do anything here (scared :O)
Dsiplay: Anti-Alasing off, Native

Ok thats my Configuration,

Now the information about my pc:
RAM:4,00 Gb
Processor:Intel ® CELERON ® E3400 @ 2.60GHz 2.60GHz
Operative System of 64 bits.
OS:windows 7
graphic card:Intel® G41 Express Chipset (1849980 KB)

I think the processor is a shit but no cash so i got a cheap pc Sad

Well and thats all. Tell me if u need more info and how i can get it.
The game goes slow. <(-.-"< )
any idea?

Thanks ! =D