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Looking good so far :) - andutrache - 03-02-2012 04:37 AM

I just tried this emulator, and i must say i am rather impressed.

- The sound works and sounds correct on everything i tested -> NICE!!
- Trying to load any homebrew game sometimes results in like a second of video then hang, dragging the window around after loading a homebrew seems to get around this problem.
- Maybe you should have told us what goddamn controls are for I am tired of smashing my face into the keyboard with no success.
- Trying to run any commercial game was a complete disaster as most of them give me :
Error on thread
System.InvalidProgramException: Not an ELF File
at CSPspEmu.Hle.Loader.ElfLoader.Load(Stream FileStream)
at CSPspEmu.Hle.Loader.ElfPspLoader.Load(Stream FileStream, Stream MemoryStre
am, MemoryPartition MemoryPartition, HleModuleManager ModuleManager, String Game
at CSPspEmu.Runner.Components.Cpu.CpuComponentThread._LoadFile(String FileNam
at CSPspEmu.PspEmulator.<>c__DisplayClass8.<LoadFile>b__7()
at CSharpUtils.Threading.TaskQueue.<>c__DisplayClass6.<EnqueueAndWaitComplete
at CSharpUtils.Threading.TaskQueue.HandleEnqueued()
at CSPspEmu.Runner.Components.Cpu.CpuComponentThread.Main()
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an obj
at CSPspEmu.Runner.Components.Cpu.CpuComponentThread.<>c__DisplayClass10.<Mai

- The other games that almost worked all gave me something about scHttp something or this:
Error on thread HleThread(Id=2, PC=0x8A69454, LastValidPC=0x8A69454, SP=0x882FE160, Name='user_main', Status=Ready, WaitCount=262)
CSharpUtils.Threading.GreenThreadException: GreenThread Exception ---> System.Exception: ERROR calling sceAtrac3plus.sceAtracGetChannel! ---> System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.

- I see a screenshot of Wipeout Pulse on your emu page, how did you manage to run it i only get the first error (as with many other games).

Overall: Pretty good for a first release (+update 20120301), keep up the good work. Smile

RE: Looking good so far :) - soywiz - 03-03-2012 01:38 PM

Yeah I failed so much with the controls Tongue

Here they are:
switch (Key)
    case Keys.W: return PspCtrlButtons.Triangle;
    case Keys.S: return PspCtrlButtons.Cross;
    case Keys.A: return PspCtrlButtons.Square;
    case Keys.D: return PspCtrlButtons.Circle;
    case Keys.Q: return PspCtrlButtons.LeftTrigger;
    case Keys.E: return PspCtrlButtons.RightTrigger;
    case Keys.Up: return PspCtrlButtons.Up;
    case Keys.Return: return PspCtrlButtons.Start;
    case Keys.Space: return PspCtrlButtons.Select;
    case Keys.Right: return PspCtrlButtons.Right;
    case Keys.Down: return PspCtrlButtons.Down;
    case Keys.Left: return PspCtrlButtons.Left;

switch (e.KeyCode)
    case Keys.I: AnalogUp = true; break;
    case Keys.K: AnalogDown = true; break;
    case Keys.J: AnalogLeft = true; break;
    case Keys.L: AnalogRight = true; break;

It doesn't support yet encrypted games. And "Not an ELF File" probably means that.

Just works right now with Wipeout Pulse EUR version (And doesn't get ingame yet).
Most games doesn't get ingame yet, though there are many that get into menus. And some like Castlevania or Vallhala Knights get ingame but the rendered geometry is a completely mess. I'm still trying to guess why. Don't know if it is a vertex decoding problem or a cpu problem.

Thanks for your feedback Smile


RE: Looking good so far :) - andutrache - 03-04-2012 03:35 AM

Thanks and good luck with the emu, looking forward to it Smile .

RE: Looking good so far :) - serio - 01-25-2014 08:15 AM

you just replied to a spambot, lol. that post is identical to the one below.


whenever someone puts their nickname in the signature, it's a good indication it's a spam bot.

it's some kind of tactic to 1) make a signature appear in all posts since some forums don't attach it to a post if it's empty, 2) copy older existing posts to look legit and go around the "no links until x posts" block, 3) when all problems are passed, edit signature to put spam links, start posting spam posts.

RE: Looking good so far :) - DragonNeos - 01-25-2014 08:39 AM

Ah, my mistake. I should have read the post more carefully before deciding whether or not to post something. At least it was worth pointing out in case anyone who lurks the forums actually has an interest in C# PSP Emulator in the future.