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help me please. - cena_axl - 09-28-2010

Guys,, can u help me??
I have a little problem here,, i cant run my pcsx2 0.9.7 in my Pc,
Intel atom® cpu 230 @1.86Ghz
it shows that the herdware doesn't support with my CDVD plugins.
can anyone help me please?

RE: help me please. - zubair naruto - 09-28-2010

than you have to change CDVD PLUGINS if yo have an iso than you should use linuz iso cdvd or download an orther svn boild from here http://www.xtemu.com/forum/files/category/26-pcsx2-svn-builds/ i hope it help's

RE: help me please. - ikazu - 10-20-2010

woah.. i can't run 0.9.7 in my intel atom because of my hardware .
I can only run r1888 in my computer.

as zubair mentioned, you must change your CDVD Plugin into Linuz ISO, which means you must make an iso out of your PS2 DVD Game. and run the game using the ISO file you made.

RE: help me please. - cena_axl - 10-29-2010

ok guys,,, it works!!!!
thanks a lot...

RE: help me please. - James Carl - 11-11-2010

Hi guysplease help me i have a problem with my pcsx2 software which play ps2 games on pc. I get a message which says"Dvd player not setup". I surfed the net and some said that i am not making the right bios of the game. I am having god of war bios. After configuring it several times i still have the same problem. Please tell me what the hell i am missing in my procedure