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RE: Booting VSH in Jpcsp - DragonNeos - 04-18-2020 12:08 PM

I was testing the VSH on revision 503d3e6f when I noticed the thumbnail and background doesn't load properly (using PSP-1000 (Fat)):

Expected result:

On working models other than the PSP-1000, the thumbnail is still white with random vertical lines and the background is a mix of black and white.

As of revision 503d3e6f, the following PSP Models still display the red screen:
PSP Model                         | --vsh Status
PSP-1000 (Fat)                    | Working
PSP-2000 (Slim)                   | Working
PSP-3000 (Brite, 3rd Generation)  | Working
PSP-3000 (Brite, 4th Generation)  | Working
PSP-N1000 (GO)                    | Working with memory errors, click Run a few times to get past the issues
PSP-3000 (Brite, 7th Generation)  | Red screen
PSP-3000 (Brite, 9th Generation)  | Red screen
PSP-E1000 (Street)                | Red screen