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Change or add alternative filehost for JPCSP download - vukpyek - 05-06-2016 09:52 PM

Hi, currently JPCSP can be downloaded officially only from RapidGator filehost, as found here: http://jpcsp.org/index.php?p=News
Rapidgator has 2 obnoxious habits of bad performance.
Firstly, if user is simultaneously downloading something else from the internet which makes his download speed drop below curtain level which Rapidgator doesn't like, he is going to brake the upload and fail the download on user part making him wait 120 minutes before user can download again (it took me 3 attempts to finish downloading JPCSP, which is just 20MB in file sizeExclamation).
Secondly, if user fails to perfectly enter correct captcha from the first attempt or waits just a few minutes before attempting captcha, in both cases user is going to have to wait 120 minutes again to retry, which is utter madness!! Huh

I mean, there are so many good and better FileHosts aside from unfair rapidgator, like:
mega.nz (it works flawlessly and without limitations on number of downloads)
dfiles.eu aka DepositFiles (man, warez links can be found functioning years after they are taken down from other filehosts)
uploaded.net aka ul.to (OK, it has captcha, and it has 120 minute waiting time between downloads but, but captcha can be normally reentered if entered wrong many times and the download once started never fails, even if you download a GB file size for hours)
And all of them offer free user downloads, no problem!

So please rethink that rapidgator option, or at least provide alternative links.

May God bless you all (if you keep in His ways, of course)