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Exporting textures in 32bit images (like .DDS) instead of 24bit .PNG - vukpyek - 05-06-2016

Hi all, currently JPCSP exports textures in .PNG format images, although this export feature is phenomenal to have on it's own right, it is debilitated by use of .PNG texture export only, since it is not full fledged 32bit RGBA image format.

In game like Gran Turismo textures are 32bit images, since game uses Alfa-channel information from texture image to deal with the transparencies (car windows, headlights, to hide poly geometry) on the models.

When JPCSP exports those textures to PNG format, they loose that transparency information since PNG is not 32bit image format (although PNG images can contain information about transparency, that information is not there in RGBA 32bit standard with transparency part contained in Alfa channel).
On the other hand, Texmod that grabs textures from DirectX, exports its texture images in .DDS image format which is full fledged 32bit RGBA DXT5 image format.
Check it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S3_Texture_Compression

So currently if you want to export textures with all the information, from ex. Gran Turismo, you have to export 3D geometry with JPCSP and than use PPSSPP in conjunction with Texmod to export proper textures with all image data (which in my case isn't possible since Texmod always crashes PPSSPP emulator on my puter, so this nice JPCSP export functionality that works is debilitated by use of improper image format).

Below I'm showing comparison data of the same texture image exported with both Texmod and JPCPS to make things clear:
(textures exported from Gran Turismo PSP, from Cadillac CIEN Concept '02 car)
[Image: Texmod_vs_JPCSP_exports_Comparison_a.png]
[Image: Texmod_vs_JPCSP_exports_Comparison_b.png]

Also I'm attaching both texture files, DDS & PNG, and picture from above in archive.

It would be nice if DDS image type texture export would be added in JPCSP in addition or instead of PNG.

Many thanks to the people behind JPCSP project, it is nice and surprising showcase of Java capabilities.

May God bless you (if you keep in His ways, of course)

RE: Exporting textures in 32bit images (like .DDS) instead of 24bit .PNG - gid15 - 05-16-2016

I've improved the texture export to produce PNG images including the alpha channel (32-bit instead of 24-bit). This seems to work for me. Could you give it a try?

DDS is a microsoft specific format that I would like to avoid.

Thank you for reporting!