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0.36.9 released - shadow - 02-12-2015 12:47 PM

new version of arcadeflex , the java port of mame 0.36 .

source code is available on https://github.com/georgemoralis/arcadeflex036 and it only needs netbeans to build.

static 16 palette mode added
Added Pause (using P button)
Added volume control (using ~ button)
Implemented mixer_play_sample and mix_sample_8 in mixer

tms32010 cpu (untested since the only game that arcadeflex emulates with this is wardner , which doesn't work yet)
Some more works to m68000 cpu core (still very intial)

Y8950 emulation
upd7759 emulation

Athena , fighting soccer,gwar,psychos,chopper from snk driver now working
Working srumbler driver
Working galivan driver
Working circusc driver
Working congo driver (samples support missing)
shackled,breywood,csilver from dec8 driver now working
Fully working cclimber driver
Working solomon driver
Working tehkanwc driver
Working sauro driver