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jspspemu to anywhere Web - MaXiMu - 03-28-2014 11:49 PM

Soywiz created an emulator on typescript


Quote:A PSP emulator made using javascript (actually typescript). It will work with any modern browser. Though the first version work only works with Chrome (desktop and android).

You can view the current version here: http://soywiz.github.io/jspspemu/2014-03-24/#samples/ortho.elf

It uses promises, Audio API, Canvas, WebGL, FullScreen API, File API, Typed Arrays. It will use FileSystem API too.

At this point it can run some demos.

Typescript, and the integrated console and profiler from chrome allowed me to convert some of my cspspemu code pretty fast, in a crazy weekend for this first version. You can debug apps with the chrome console.

The project can be opened with Visual Studio Express but it should work with intelliJ too.

It can load at this point: ELF files, PBP files, ISO files and CSO files. Not support for DAX yet.

It JITs the cpu (though still slow because loops, function calls, and returns are not JITted yet). As with my other psp emulator cspspemu, it has a single instruction table that allows to create the cpu dynarec, assembler and disassembler. It JITs the instruction decoding nested switch. It JITs the vertex decoding.

RE: jspspemu to anywhere Web - shadow - 03-29-2014 04:47 AM

omg soywiz is writting psp emus on any language he finds Smile

From dev view it might be interesting but what's next ? PSP emu in GWBASIC ?Big Grin