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version question - happyhello - 03-18-2014 09:11 AM


My question is brief. I just downloaded the latest revision of JPCSP onto my mac, 3462, but when I select the emulator icon from my applications I don't get any of the standard menu options. All I see are the apple and 'JPCSP Emulator' in the top left corner of the screen, and when I select JPCSP Emulator I don't get any relevant options, just standard mac ones. For some reason when I use a version from 2010 I can access options, configurations, load UMDs etc... but when i go to play my game its running at like 2 FPS so that won't work.

any help that any of you could offer would be so appreciated! I just want to be rocking my JRPGs on a screen thats bigger than my palm

warm regards,