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Not Dead! - Hykem - 02-27-2013

Hey everybody.

As you all have noticed, I've been away for a long time.
My laptop died from overheating issues so I've spent the last months gathering some money for a new one. Thanks to shadow's huge help I'm now quite close to be able to purchase a new pc (Asus, i5 core, nice nvidia card).
Luckily, I had backups of my research (atrac3plus, npdrm, ps3), but as you've noticed I haven't been able to work (I'm actually posting this from my phone). Sad
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm eager to resume my work and also wanted to thank everyone for your patience. Wink


RE: Not Dead! - serio - 02-28-2013

nice, hope to see you back soon.

we thought you were kidnapped by ninjas, and were about to send bad dudes to rescue you. lol

RE: Not Dead! - gid15 - 02-28-2013

Hi Hykem,

glad to read that you are doing well and will soon be active again Smile

RE: Not Dead! - BlackDaemon - 02-28-2013

Hello Hykem,

After a long time of silence it's nice to see, that you are ok (i mean, health condition Wink ) and this nightmare with your hardware finally will end soon. Smile Will glad to see you commits again. Big Grin

RE: Not Dead! - hyakki - 02-28-2013

welcome back, glad everything is ok.

RE: Not Dead! - Zekro - 02-28-2013

Welcome back Hykem,glad to see the aliens have let you escape Big Grin

RE: Not Dead! - sum2012 - 02-28-2013

Great to see Hykem again to make JPCSP better

To Hykem
Please note that another PSP emulator PPSSPP is now closer then JPCSP.
Just lack mpeg video,sound,some bug of font

RE: Not Dead! - serio - 02-28-2013

Quote:Just lack mpeg video,sound,some bug of font
it also lacks something else important, the savedata dialog thing. it's impossible to save or load games on it that use the default psp save window, lol.

but either way, since hykem's almost back, i'm sure his discoveries will also be useful for the ppsspp devs.

RE: Not Dead! - Darth1701 - 02-28-2013

Hey Hykem,

good to hear from you again. I'm glad you are well! Smile

Hope to see future commits from you again soon. Wink

RE: Not Dead! - legend80 - 02-28-2013

Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed just being away from the project for a while. Nice to take a breather and just get refreshed every once in a while. I'm also pleased to hear your excitment to return, shows your passion is still in it and you'll continue growing this thing for a while.