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  Aeon Version 0.58 released!
Posted by: shadow - 03-16-2010 08:58 PM
4040 Views - No Replies

Aeon is a DOS emulator for windows. Here is what's new :

* Fixed memory leak when launching more than one program without restarting Aeon in between
* Minor performance improvements
* Lots of DOS process management fixes
* Command interpreter is now less of a kludge and uses interrupt-driven I/O like everything else
* Added configuration support and configuration editor – not complete yet
* Can now change drive mountings while emulator is running (with sometimes disastrous results – use only for disk swapping!)
* Integer divide-by-zero CPU exceptions now handled more efficiently
* Added command prompt change current drive command
* Added some primitive MSCDEX support – a _few_ CD-based programs may work now
* Fixed bug in LMSW instruction
* Fixed bug in DOS get file attributes function
* Added support for launching DOS programs/configuration files via command line
* Fixed intermittent crashing due to bug in mouse driver callback
* Fixed some issues with how Aeon handles invalid MS-DOS file names
* Lots of internal code cleanup and refactoring

D/l it from here :

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SNES bsnes v062.04 beta released
Posted by: Alastor - 03-16-2010 08:09 PM
5883 Views - 1 Replies

Changes :
I suppose I should start calling these nightlies, heh. blargg went ahead and verified every last possible edge case with regards to the S-CPU MUL / DIV registers. It uncovered a few errors in my implementation, which have since been corrected. The design used now should be a direct reflection of the hardware implementation: no actual multiplication, no actual division, and no variable-length bit-shifting.

We also spent about eight hours straight hammering away at the S-SMP test register. We have a partial understanding of TEST.d3 and TEST.d0, and a complete understanding of the other six bits. All of this has been implemented as well.

Lastly, snesreader gets a tiny update to fix Test Drive II, which broke due to a slight regression when porting the mapping code to XML.

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  WinUAE 2.1.0 beta 17 released
Posted by: shadow - 03-16-2010 09:29 AM
3874 Views - No Replies

Beta 17:

- right mouse button popup menu disk changes fixed, added "copy from dfx:" options
- possible D3D performance improvement when updating screen only partially
- CE mode crash fix when display updating is disabled (Scroll Lock)
- CDTV: return CD error status immediately when program attempts to play non-existing cd audio track instead of relying on CD backends to notice the error (Psycho Killer CDTV)
- do not show inserted CD32/CDTV quickstart CD image in floppy drives panel (currently cd image is quickstart-only)
- added "save screenshot to clipboard" input event (previously only save to file was possible)
- some statefiles didn't select correct refresh rate (PAL/NTSC) when restored
- added small delay to RTE instruction in 68020 CE mode because MOVE.W #x,INTREQ; RTE; currently executes too quickly, faster than emulated IPL lines change state causing interrupt to start again after RTE (another case of improving one part of emulation breaking lots of programs because not directly related part is not yet exact enough..)

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  PCSP WIP status 15-03-2010
Posted by: shadow - 03-15-2010 04:35 PM
10146 Views - 2 Replies

Latest reports from our beta testers. Seems that another game Kazook is now almost playable (few graphics bugs). Few more games reported to have better behaviour now , more WIP updates will come soon. (P.S don't you love the fps?)

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  SSF Version 0.11 Alpha R4 released!
Posted by: shadow - 03-14-2010 11:54 AM
4426 Views - No Replies

What's new :

# Fixed A 68000 line, F line unimplemented exception handling.
# Fixed SCSP sound generation process.
# Fixed SH2 caching.
# Fixed SH2 interrupt handling.
# Fixed rendering of the VDP2.
# Save state data version changed.

d/l it from here :

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