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Full Version: PSV crack is expected to hackers claimed to have compromised the memory card access
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From chinese hardware news.
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According to interest, recently of hackers called SKFU in a blog published a variety of Sony PSV handheld game system comes with the installation path of the application.

This move may prove to have found a method of direct access to the internal file structure of the PSV memory card to bypass the security mechanisms, so as to create a possible future running game iso image files are read directly from the memory card.

However, in view of SKFU I did not open the method he used in the Bowen or related vulnerability information, its authenticity and availability is yet to be verified.

According to Sony's representation in the the PSV sale before it can be seen, the company to prevent PSV encountered and PSP similar to the tragedy of the crack can be described under the feet of the martial arts, the developer said PSV were implanted with 378 kinds of Sony's latest anti-cracking techniques, its memory card with a new data format, not like the PSP memory stick using the computer to be accessed directly, but need the help of a dedicated management software to data and file operations.
Really? 378 anti-cracking tehniques? That is a lot,it will take a lot of time to make the ps vita play psp games without exploits.This is however great news to developers
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