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Full Version: pspe4all the high end PSP emulator
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After some talking with the lead developers (hlide and shadow) it has come to our attention that pspe4all is getting closer and closer to an initial release! The developers are well aware that it's been quite some time now since pspe4all was announced, but there have been several milestones and breakthroughs in the totally rewritten emulator core (go hlide!).

So to sum up.. christmas is near Smile

[Image: pspe4all-logo.png]
wohooo! Big Grin
Interesting,so it's finally going to be released,I think shadow is extremely happy now
Amazing Tongue
Yes, I can't wait for this. I'll be there to test it when it comes. Merry Xmas everybody. Smile
May I bring a small precision ? A release *MAY* be out at Christmas *IF* everything goes smoothly.
Hi lead developers & team, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great emulator once again. Big Grin

Hopefully everything will run smoothly. It goes to show that great oaks from little acorns grow. Smile
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