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Full Version: WinUAE 2.5.0 Beta 19
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New beta of the amiga emulator

- Reduced Gayle based configuration CIA memory bank size to 4096 bytes, only accesses to bfdxxx and bfexxx goes to CIA chips if Gayle.
- Reverted b19 horizontal change, I forgot that it was made to fit max overscan modes better.. (Manually adding "gfx_horizontal_tweak=8" to config file can be used as a workaround, if needed for some reason)
- RTC update in b11 was not compatible with KS 1.x.
- improved RF5C01A RTC emulation, previously KS2.0+ detected stopped clock and attempted to reset it (which is no-op because emulated clock's time is currently read-only) and after reset it finally read the time.
- RTC year value is saved differently depending on OS version, Pre-2.0: RTC year value = current year - 1900, 2.0+: year value = last 2 digits. Both methods supported when reading. WinUAE now uses pre-2.0 method if MSM clock chip (because this is the only type that KS1.x supports), 2.0+ if RF clock chip, previously always used -1900 method.
- RTC 12/24h bit emulated, this is not used by AOS.
- RTC time/date, alarm and memory data save/load to file supported (alarm time/date, note that alarm interrupt pin is not connected in Amigas, and 104 bits of memory, used mainly for A3000 SCSI settings, included with RF clock chip type). Date/time ignored when loading.
- added win32.gui_active_page=name, sets default GUI panel after emulation has been started (Old win32.gui_page = before emulation starts)
- In some situations adv. chipset may have used incompatible data stored in config file even if compatible settings was ticked.
- Syncronize clock on the fly CIA TOD adjustment is now only active if heartbeat signal (b11) is detected.
- b11 heartbeat system was not fully disabled when UAE boot rom was unavailable.
- On screen led HD/CD/NVRAM indicator is blank if device is not available (like floppies already did).

D/l it from here : http://www.winuae.net/files/b/winuae_2500b20.zip
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