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Full Version: PCSP hangs up after starting
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Well if start up the Emulator(PCSP) itself it just hangs up.
Does somebody know to fix that?
I tried it but it ran only the cube iso from jpcsp just that !!
and other games well it does not run it a
dycrepted games i think are partially supported
But the problem is that I can't even start the emulator itself.
As usual we cannot help with so few details. Anyway, PCSP is being rewritten from scratch (version 1.X.X). We'll release it when we feel we can do it. Older versions might be disregarded.
It just freezes, then it give no response and then it shuts down again, sorry, but more doesn't happen...
what's your pc's specifications?
Windows Seven Ultimate 64 Bit
ATI 5850 1 GB
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