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Full Version: pspudb v1.10 released
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New version of pspudb with ton of updates in database + new fixes

-Fixed a bug in renaming tool , (a title with ":" can't be renamed properly)
-screenies are now in 2 categories duplicate and standalone. Standalone are scanning from their discid while duplicates are scanning from duplicate id.
-Added fixup firmware
-Added image scanning and adding it to database. Now user can add it's own images
-Finished eboot.bin /boot.bin status correction. Now it should work fine
-Added the dialog for displaying images which are not into database
-Changed prepending for iso number since expected isos,csos,7so might extend 10...

Check it on the official pspudb site at : http://www.pspudb.com

Also check http://www.psp-compatibility.com it's based on pspudb database as well
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