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Full Version: JPCSP Game Save Transfer to PSP
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I uploaded my Crisis Core JPCSP save file to my psp 2000 and when i wanted to play crisis core from the psp, it said the save file was corrupted. What do i do to make Jpcsp save files work on a psp?
your psp can't use the savedata because it is encrypted differently.You can do the opposite,transfer your saved data from your psp and play it on jpcsp.The problem is because jpcsp doesn't have a crypto engine like psp.Hope that It helped you
Sorry about that, I was working on improving this feature, but I had to delay my updates on JPCSP for a while. Confused
Anyway, I'm back again so I'll restart testing the hash forging methods that allow porting saves back to the PSP. The only current issue resides in a simple hash that is generated and saved in the .SFO file of the SAVEDATA, which may already be possible to emulate thanks to the several findings on the DLC content I've done so far. Big Grin
Thanks Hykem for your great work,I hope it will work soon.
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