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Full Version: pspudb v1.00 released!
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A new version of pspudb tool. This time it's v1.00

-Rewrote threading now it is better and more clean
-Added batch conversion tool (ISO to CSO ) , (CSO to ISO) and a new pspe4all format 7so (ISO to 7so ) , (7SO to ISO)
-Added multiplayer and description fields to database , fixed up a lot of entries and separated BOOT.BIN status from EBOOT.BIN
-umd scanning is also using the new threading model , and a little faster CRC algorithm has been added
-Multiple umd path support
-Database tab has been gone and "My collection" is now "UMD" tab with combine features from both old tabs
-Small fixes to rename tool
-Support for UMD running for pspe4all

D/l from pspudb site at : http://www.pspudb.com
Thanks! But, what's this?

"Articles" and FAQ of PSPUDB web site are empty. I guess it is a tool for the PSP emulators; but for what?
it's a iso's organizer , emulator iso->cso convertor and a lot of other stuff
I see. Thanks for it!
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