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Full Version: Monster Hunter 2: Freedom
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The game is *somewhat* playable using the latest jpcsp, but it blinks so rapidly I might as well not play it. I'm new here and I don't know if this problem has been solved or been discussed. I have search the forum and didn't find one so I assumed this is the first thread about Monster Hunter 2: Freedom. I want to address the experts or if possible, the Dev Team (coz I really want to play this game!) about the problem I encountered. My settings are on default. I haven't downloaded anything except the latest "svn builds". I just "copy and replace" the svn builds (win32) inside my jpcsp folder, so correct me if I am wrong (please). And that is pretty much my case. I tried tinkering a little in the configure but alas nothing happened. I appreciate every help you guys can give a newbie like me. Thank you in advance.
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