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Full Version: Help with Game Saving Please - JPCSP
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So people, i have a game that i can't play because it says i dont have memory in my card to play, what i should do?
I have the lastest version of JPCSP.
Please help, i wanna play that game so hard Big Grin.
Thanks for your help ppl.. nice forums here...
Could you tell us what game, your computer specs, and what version of jpcsp you are running?

A log is usually useful too
Please follow in this exact order.
1. Debug > Tools > Logger > Show Logger > Select 'INFO' from the pulldown menu.
2. File > Load UMD > Press Run.
3. Play the game like normal, wait for the error or crash.
4. Close Jpcsp, in the Jpcsp directory find 'log.html'
5. Compress the log with zip/rar/7z or similar archiver then attach the compressed log to your forum post.
[Image: wwkn51.jpg]

OR If you use Jpcsp Launcher then you can just right click > Enable log. for the same effect.
(When you close jpcsp, it will automaticly compress all the needed log files for you, you just have to upload the pre-created zip file Smile)
[Image: j9lsa9.jpg]
Here is it
(07-15-2012 05:03 PM)b1gzz Wrote: [ -> ]Here is it
I suggest you ask for help on the dedicated thread for the game you want get help.

Take a look on the sticky threads on General discussion and look for the game you are talking on list pasted there.

Once you found it you know what to do.
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